Lansing, Mich. — Michigan Virtual™ announces a new partnership that will offer a program for school districts and students aimed at helping students’ emotional and social learning in the online environment. Michigan Virtual has partnered with Evolution Labs to offer Suite360, a digital intervention program for students, parents, teachers and administrators. Suite360 can be customized for any school district and provides curriculum on challenges today’s students face, such as cyberbullying, anger management, substance abuse, social awareness and more. This is the first online program addressing students’ social and emotional learning in Michigan.

“Online learning doesn’t isolate a student from dealing with personal issues. This new program will give school districts a tool to help students grapple with social and emotional issues,” said Jamey Fitzpatrick, president and CEO of Michigan Virtual. “Michigan Virtual prioritizes quality in online education, and this tool provides educators, parents and administrators with an option to help students navigate the challenges they face in their education.”

As part of Michigan’s Top 10 in 10 initiative, schools are beginning to rethink what it means to address the “whole child” in education. Research suggests instead of focusing solely on a student’s academic needs, broadening the learning approach to include other factors like physical, behavioral, social and emotional needs better positions students for success. Suite360 can be used to address, monitor and report on issues that may arise on a school or district-wide basis. This program also meets the call from Michigan Legislature for schools to provide restorative justice options in school discipline programs. In line with restorative justice practices, Suite360 Intervention (ISS360) turns detention or in-school suspension (ISS) into a learning opportunity by providing students with lessons based on their infraction.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Michigan Virtual to bring digital, social & emotional content to K-12 students across the state,” said Peter Kraft, CEO of Evolution Labs, Inc. “Michigan Virtual is the thought leader in online learning, and there’s no better place to deliver student wellness content than in the digital world. Suite360 and other programs will deliver professionally-developed, digital lessons to students, helping them on their path to success and college readiness.”
“We are so impressed with Michigan Virtual’s commitment to students, families and schools in the state of Michigan, and are excited to add these crucial success and wellness programs to their portfolio,” added Kraft.

Evolution Labs partnered with Michigan Virtual because of a legacy of excellence in online education and unique approach of working with school districts to provide innovative solutions to the challenges districts face when educating students.

More information can be found on the Michigan Virtual website here.


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