The Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute has released “Astonishing Impact: An Introduction to Five Computer-Based Assessment Issues,” a new report that examines computer-based assessments. The report represents a collaborative effort between Michigan Virtual, the parent company of the Institute, and Pacific Metrics Corporation.

In the report, the authors identify and discuss five issues showing potential for significant impact on computer-based assessments that can be delivered via the Internet. They include New Item Types, Automated Item Generation, Accessibility of Computer-Delivered Tests for Students, Use of Artificial Intelligence in Scoring and Increased Efficiency with Accountability Testing.

With the proliferation of online learning options and the press to align course outcomes with world-class standards, demands for a reliable, consistent and secure means of evaluating student achievement and competency are increasing. Even with the advances in educational technology, many challenges are still unaddressed. This paper summarizes current research in order to stimulate discussion and encourage further investigation and development of assessment options with the five issues in mind.

Astonishing Impact: An Introduction to Five Computer-Based Assessment Issues

About Michigan Virtual

Michigan Virtual is a private, nonprofit Michigan corporation established by the State of Michigan in 1998 to serve as a champion for online learning. It is the parent organization of the Michigan Virtual for Students and Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute.

About Pacific Metrics

Pacific Metrics Corporation creates lasting improvements to the assessment and learning environment through the thoughtful use of technology. Headquartered in Monterey, California, Pacific Metrics provides specialized psychometric software and sophisticated online systems to state departments of education and to organizations that develop, administer and score large-scale assessments. The company has achieved recognition for its technical work and for being a leading force in the development of innovative, customized, web-based systems.

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