Keeping Students on Track in Mathematics

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With four years of required mathematics courses, there is little room for students who fall behind. In this webinar, you will hear from two educators — Jamie DeWitt from NexTech High School and Chris Conant from Idaho Digital Learning — about how they are using digital tools to support at-risk math learners while keeping them on track to graduate.

We’ll discuss common challenges and discover effective ways to:

  • Target knowledge gaps
  • Help students meet grade-level expectations, and
  • Provide early interventions to prevent future failure.

Date of Webinar

May 14, 2019 9:00 am

Presented By:

Thomas Soria
Michigan Virtual
Jamie Dewitt
NexTech High School of Lansing
Chris Conant
Idaho Digital Learning Alliance
Je'Nae McCrimmon
Marion High School
Heather Deighton
Marion High School


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