Summer Language Boost

For Grades 8-12

Keep your Spanish, French, or German skills sharp with these online summer programs powered by Lingco Language Labs' artificial intelligence-driven software.

Don’t let summer language loss erode your students' hard-earned fluency!

When you don’t use your language skills, you begin to lose them. With Summer Language Boost, students go beyond ineffective “skill and drill” practices by completing artificial intelligence-driven activities designed to keep their language skills sharp over the summer.

These summer programs are designed for students who already have a foundation in either Spanish, French, or German, for example, by having completed one year or more of the language either at their local school or online.

The goal of this summer program is increased language acquisition and avoidance of language loss. By practicing their language skills in an immersive format, students maintain and gain fluency by ingraining skills more deeply into their brains’ language centers.

These lessons and activities offer a more rigorous summer program than available in free language learning apps, which tend to be introductory in nature and focused on vocabulary drills rather than on true language acquisition.

The problem with free language learning apps

While free language learning apps are certainly appealing, the truth is that this type of software — while helpful for introductory vocabulary or preparing for week-long vacation abroad — is not designed with the appropriate level of rigor for students who have already completed a year of a world language. They focus more on “skill and drill” vocabulary exercises and memorization and less on true language acquisition.

These free apps are not commonly used in actual language learning classrooms for these reasons. By contrast, Lingco Language Labs was designed specifically for college-level classrooms with extensive feedback from instructors and students and is currently being implemented at universities all across the United States.

Summer Spanish Boost

¡Hola! ¿Habla usted Inglés? For students looking to keep their Spanish skills sharp this summer, we offer:

Spanish 1 Boost

Spanish 1 Boost is intended to help students who have taken one year of Spanish practice the skills they've learned and commit them to memory.
French Flag (Rounded)

Summer French Boost

Bonjour! Tu parles français? For students looking to keep their French skills sharp this summer, we offer two options:

French 1 Boost

French 2 Boost

French 1 Boost is intended for students who have already taken one year of French and are seeking to practice the skills they've learned and commit them to memory. For students who have taken more than one year of French, we recommend taking the French 2 Boost as a refresher.
German Flag (Rounded)

Summer German Boost

Guten Tag! Sprichst du deutsch? For students looking to keep their German skills sharp this summer, we offer two options:

German 1 Boost

German 2 Boost

German 1 Boost is intended to help students who have taken one year of German practice the skills they've learned and commit them to memory. For students who have taken more than one year of German, we recommend taking the German 2 Boost as a refresher.

Pricing & Calendar

For $49.95, your child will receive access to the program you have purchased until Labor Day (September 6, 2021). During this time, your child can use the program to boost their language skills and take their fluency to the next level! 

Access Begins:
June 7, 2021

Last Day to Register:
July 31, 2021

Access Ends:
September 6, 2021

How does it work?

During these online summer programs, students will be guided through interactive lessons from Michigan Virtual‘s award-winning online courses. Rather than learning to recite rules from a grammar book, students will build language proficiency that can be applied to real-world conversations.

Along the way, students will engage with activities from Lingco Language Labs’ AI-driven language software that automatically adjusts its difficulty level based on student performance and offers instant feedback.

Your student will:

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About Lingco Language Labs

A Michigan native, Seth Killian was a junior in college when he first began designing the language learning platform that is now Lingco. It all started when he wanted to study abroad in France, but his parents told him that he could not go unless he learned enough French to survive.

Seth tried a lot of different apps, but he was frustrated because none of them accurately took into account his prior knowledge. They were all either too easy or too difficult. After finding a tutor who was able to teach him enough French to successfully study abroad, Seth began building a system to give each student their own personalized experience.

While earning his degree in Computer Science at Michigan State University, Seth gained the skills he needed to make Lingco a reality. Since its launch in 2018, Lingco has been integrated into classrooms in high schools, colleges, and universities across the nation.

Technical Requirements

Before you register, here are a few things you should know the technical requirements for running our Summer Language Learning programs:

  • Runs best on laptops/desktops with Google Chrome — For the best experience, we recommend that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser on a desktop or laptop computer only. Some activities will not display properly or function at all on other devices or with other browsers. This program does NOT work well with iPads or mobile devices.
  • Working microphone required — Some activities include voice recognition, so you will need to make sure that your computer has a working microphone. There are also many activities that include spoken language that you will need to listen to and understand to complete the activity. To get the best experience, we recommend that you find a comfortable and quiet place to explore these activities.

Enroll in Summer Language Boost!

Note on enrolling multiple children: If you are enrolling multiple children in Summer Language Boost you will need to fill out this form separately for each child, using a unique email address for each. 

Thank you for your interest in Summer Language Boost! Registration is currently closed.