Public Awareness and Views of K-12 Online Learning in Michigan 2015
Published on December 30, 2015

Modified on December 30, 2015


Public Awareness and Views of K-12 Online Learning in Michigan 2015From August 20–August 24, 2015, Public Sector Consultants, Inc. (PSC) conducted a telephone poll with 800 adult residents of Michigan to obtain their opinions about online learning opportunities for public school students in Michigan.

The poll included 480 landline and 320 cellphone respondents and has an overall margin of error of +/- 3.5 percent at a 95% confidence level. To control for potential bias, the sample was monitored carefully to ensure there was an adequate number of respondents in certain subgroups, particularly respondents aged 18–35. Post-stratification weights were applied for gender, race, age, income, and educational attainment using American Community Survey estimates of Michigan’s population.

This survey is a follow-up to a similar poll conducted by PSC in 2014. It was designed to include common questions for comparison purposes, as well as new questions to build on the 2014 survey results. This summary provides highlights of the 2015 survey, along with comparisons to 2014 when appropriate. The 2014 report is available at

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