Design your own PD
& earn SCECHs

Because you’re doing extra work on your own time,
and you know your learning needs best.

What if you could design your own PD and make it awesome?

Educators, you know what it takes to make learning engaging, fun, and personalized. You know your students’ needs best, along with what skills you need to strengthen as an educator to help meet these needs. 

Besides, you’re probably already doing this kind of informal research outside of your work hours. So, why not earn SCECHs for it?

Questions to ask yourself...

You will enjoy MyPD if...

An independent study for educators

The MyPD course works kind of like an independent study. You will:

Take control of your PD

Find inspiration in these examples from real educators

Wondering what subject you might explore in MyPD? Here are a few questions that real Michigan educators have investigated in this course:

  • How can I better motivate and demonstrate empathy for struggling students?
  • How can I enhance the cultural diversity of my music lessons?
  • As a physical education teacher, how can I best support Islamic students with dietary restrictions?
  • What are the proper techniques and strategies for coaching athletes with special needs?

Don’t take our word for it!

Real Michigan educators have shared the following about their experience taking MyPD:

Are you a dedicated school leader who wants to offer MyPD to your staff?

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