/ Michigan Virtual Student Policies

Michigan Virtual Academic Integrity Matrix

Effective 8/14/2023

What is considered “an offense?”

An offense is defined as an assignment submitted that meets any of the criteria listed below:

  1. Cheating: Cheating occurs when a student represents any other person’s work from any source including hard drives, software, answer banks, AI Tools, assignment sharing websites, etc. as their own. Examples of cheating includes
    • asking for/receiving answers 
    • student to student copying/sharing, 
    • submitting another student’s work as your own
    • Submitting identical coursework
  2. Plagiarism: Plagiarism occurs when a student submits work that has been copied from any published resource such as, but not limited to, internet or printed sources, assignment sharing websites, or any other source without proper credit. 
  3. Student Academic Broker: A student acts as an academic broker when they post work to a secondary source such as, but not limited to, social media, assignment sharing websites, Google docs, or shares virtual or hard copies of files of any work, with or without compensation. 

An offense includes no more than 3 assignments submitted on the same day. If more assignments are submitted that demonstrate an integrity issue, it may result in escalation on the matrix.

For consistency purposes, Michigan Virtual has identified general conduct violations and disciplinary consequences for various behaviors. It is not an exhaustive list. Certain situations may require moving beyond lesser penalties to more strict disciplinary actions, even for a first offense. Disciplinary measures may be progressive, becoming more severe with each subsequent offense.

Academic Integrity Matrix

Learning Intervention – Teachable MomentX
Mentor Contact by Teacher – discuss application of local cheating policyXXXX
Notify Department Lead InstructorXXXX
Involvement of Instructional Managers/SupervisorXXXX
Parent/Guardian Contact by TeacherXXXX
Learning Intervention – Resubmission for Full CreditX
Learning Intervention – Resubmission w/ 50% deductionX
Automatic Zero on AssessmentXXX
If applicable: Mandatory Removal of Account in Assignment-sharing SitesXXXX
Mandated Proctored Exam/submissionsXXX
Possible Removal from Michigan Virtual coursesXX