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Online learning has something for everyone. Explore options that meet individual student needs and discover the long-term benefits of online learning, including college and career readiness. Reviewing the course catalog is a great way to determine which opportunities will be the best fit!

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Your counselor is here to help! Students can enroll in online courses during the school year by working with their high school counselor. How students enroll in summer courses may vary in each district, so be sure to check with your school before the final bell rings.

Online Learning Readiness Rubric

This rubric is used to better understand each student's needs and areas for improvement when scheduling courses online.
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Student Guide to Online Learning

This guide is for middle and high school students who are interested in taking courses online.
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Parent Guide to Online Learning

This guide presents information on online learning opportunities, characteristics of a successful online learner and how to prepare for online learning.
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Mentor with Student

What is a mentor?

A mentor could be a local teacher, counselor, librarian or even a parent, depending on the student’s enrollment status. The state requires that each student is assigned a mentor. Mentors work alongside students to track progress and provide support where needed. Mentors are vital to the success of each student, helping them to see a path to the future by breaking down barriers that stand between them and their goals. Each enrolled student is appointed a mentor, who serves as the local eyes and ears of the online instructor, helping to facilitate communication between the instructor, student, and parents.

Mentors provide a personal connection for students to build trusting relationships and help them to become successful online learners.

It is important that mentors understand their role and perform it to the fullest. Without them, it’s difficult to ensure that each student reaches their full potential. Michigan Virtual’s guides provide detailed insights into online learning and can provide parents/guardians, students and mentors the necessary information to form a collaborative and supportive relationship. Contact your school for further information regarding support for students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or who’s eligible for special education services.

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