World History and Geography A

This course is the first course of a two-course sequence offering a comparative study of how and why economic, social, political and intellectual factors shaped and defined the history of Western and non-Western civilizations in the ancient, medieval, and early modern eras. This course also incorporates a geographical perspective to help students visualize, comprehend, and ask questions about why the human and physical systems occur in particular patterns and combinations, where they are on Earth’s surface, why they are there, and the consequences for people and the environment. This course has been designed to align with the principles of the State of Michigan’s High School Social Studies Content Standards and Expectations.

Terms Offered

(23-24) Semester 2
(23-24) Summer
(24-25) Semester 1
(24-25) Semester 2
(24-25) Trimester 1
(24-25) Trimester 2

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Michigan High School Content Expectations