UDL: Action & Expression – Apply Your Skills

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework that makes meaningful, rigorous learning opportunities accessible to all learners. In this course, you will demonstrate your proficiency with the action & expression principle of UDL. Action and expression are the “how” of learning: the ways in which learners navigate an environment and show what they know. To demonstrate your proficiency, you will revise one of your existing lessons to provide at least one more option for action & expression for learners. This course is intended for educators teaching/supporting all subjects and grade levels.

In this course, you will:

  • Choose a lesson plan/assessment/activity of your own that you believe would benefit from more options for action and/or expression.
  • Demonstrate how your existing lesson plan/assessment/activity currently gives learners options for action and/or expression within UDL’s guidelines and checkpoints.
  • Add at least one more option for action and/or expression to your existing lesson/assessment/activity using UDL’s guidelines and checkpoints.
  • Give a rationale for the option(s) you added to your existing lesson/assessment/activity.
  • SCECHs Granted


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