Title IX/Sexual Misconduct at Educational Facilities

Sexual assault and sexual misconduct are an ongoing and serious problem at schools across the country. This course will help you understand Title IX and its companion laws regarding sexual misconduct in education, and their role in helping to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct. This course is designed for all employees at educational institutions that fall under the provisions of Title IX, with particular focus on those designated Responsible Employees.

In this course, you will:

  • Identify the general purpose and requirements of Title IX and its companion laws,
  • Understand your role in enforcing Title IX as a designated Responsible Employee, and
  • Recognize sexual misconduct in its many forms and the responsibilities you and your institution have in reporting them.

Who should take this course?

Support Staff

What grade level(s) does this course apply to?

Early Childhood
High School
Lower Elementary
Middle School
Upper Elementary

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