Reading Strategies: Fields of Reading A

This course enables you to accelerate and strengthen the development of your reading and writing skills so you are able to successfully read grade-level text independently. Lessons emphasize reading comprehension, writing fluency, and vocabulary study through the use of a variety of literary and informational texts that encompass a broad range of text structures, genres, and levels of complexity. You’ll also engage in interactive text-based discussion, question generation, and research opportunities. You’ll learn the elements of informational, narrative, argumentative, as well as drama and poetry reading passages and strategies to comprehend reading in each of these genres. You will write in response to reading, and cite evidence when answering text dependent questions orally and in writing. Scaffolding is provided as necessary as students engage in reading and writing increasingly complex text, and is removed as the reading and writing abilities of students improve over time.

Terms Offered

(24-25) Semester 1

NCAA Approved?

Not Approved


Common Core State Standards-ELA