Online Teacher’s Guide: Engagement

Pedagogy tells us that engaging your students with you, your classroom, and your message is a critical component to student learning and success. But how can you transition engagement to an online, asynchronous environment? This course will provide valuable strategies and examples to help you identify best practices for engaging students and help you successfully convert them to an online setting. You’ll also explore various technology tools that can be utilized in order to support these efforts.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to communicate clearly and set expectations with students, beginning on the first day of class,
  • Discover a variety of tools used to successfully support student engagement in an online course environment,
  • Recognize different ways to make yourself available to students for support and timely feedback,
  • Identify how to cultivate student buy-in through positive classroom culture and interesting content, and
  • Explore strategies in order to strengthen communication with students, parents and other stakeholders in the online course environment.

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High School
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