Online National Standards 2: Course Content & Design

When transferring traditional course material online, you may feel as though you are being asked to evolve from an instructional planner to an instructional designer overnight. Luckily, with some modifications, many aspects of face-to-face teaching can be easily shifted to online. In this course, you will review the National Standards for Quality (NSQ) Online Teaching and Online Courses focusing on course content and design, as well as review elementary and secondary examples to help ease the transition of content.

In this course, you will:

  • Describe what the NSQ are and identify particular standards that relate to course content and design,
  • Examine indicators that promote learner engagement,
  • Discover examples of effective identification, alignment, and use of content,
  • Learn ways in which you can create a variety of learning experiences with technology through instructional design, and
  • Reflect on your current practices and begin to determine ways the standards might help you to grow professionally.

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