Networking and Cybersecurity Essentials

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Computer Networking and Cybersecurity are the heart of the digital transformation. Often unseen, networks enable us to stay connected as we move around freely using our laptop or smartphone. This interconnected world makes everyone more susceptible to cyber-attacks. Networking and Cybersecurity Essentials is a combination of Networking Essentials, Introduction to Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity Essentials courses offered in partnership with the Pinckney Cyber Training Institute. The course begins with the basic network concepts to help you set up a SOHO (small-office/home-office) network and put you on the path to managing a larger-scale business network. You will explore cyber trends, threats and the broader topic of cybersecurity in a way that will matter to YOU. This course will help you develop an understanding of cybercrime, security principles, technologies, and procedures to defend networks.

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