Mindful Practices: SEL for Administrators

When it comes to social emotional learning (SEL), school administrators have a big job: they need to lay the groundwork to foster a supportive climate in which both students and adults can thrive. In this course, you will start by learning strategies for boosting adult social emotional competence (SEC) and well-being. Once you get the hang of this crucial step, you will begin applying SEL practices at the school or district level, pinpoint where SEL can grow, and map out your school community’s next steps. This course is the third in our Mindful Practices series.

In this course, you will:

  • Identify what’s working, areas of need, and areas for continued growth in your school-wide and district-wide SEL implementation.
  • Discover strategies for creating safe spaces for all stakeholders to reflect upon and refine their SEL practices, both as practitioners and learners.
  • Reflect on how your own SEC (social emotional competence) influences your ability to effectively lead your department/school building/district.
  • Begin constructing a comprehensive 3-year SEL implementation plan for your building and/or district.

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