Intro to Online Course Facilitation, 6-12

Have you been considering becoming a full-time or part-time teacher for online classes? This self-led course will give you all of the necessary information and tools to become a successful online course facilitator for grades 6-12. You will be able to build your capacity to teach online by learning strategies to engage students, manage your time, and stay organized as well as grow your resume as a prospective online instructor.

In this course, you will:

  • Analyze the implications of the history, policy, and research behind online learning for today’s online facilitator,
  • Explain how secondary students learn and what this means for online learning,
  • Recognize the basic technical acumen required of a 6-12 online course facilitator,
  • Identify online facilitation plans that reflect key elements and priorities of 6-12 online course facilitation, and
  • Compare national instructional design frameworks and their influence on online facilitation.

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