Inquiry Based Learning in Secondary Mathematics Education

Does the way we currently present mathematics in our classrooms ignore real-life variables when solving problems? Does it encourage natural curiosity from our students? In this practice-based course, you will reflect on some drawbacks to the current way mathematics is taught to secondary students and explore alternative approaches in the form of inquiry-based or problems-based learning. You will observe, plan, and create lessons that implement problems-based instruction with the goal of presenting novel mathematical problems and using student-led thinking to generate understanding.

In this course, you will:

  • Consider the limitations and advantages of how mathematics are traditionally taught in school,
  • Conduct clinical interviews using mathematical story problems and reflect on the “sense-making” process,
  • Enact changes to your instructional practices to offer mathematical problems that elicit a deeper understanding from students,
  • Practice responding to student work or answers in a way that allows them agency to advance in content and keeps them engaged, and
  • Design your own problems-based lesson plan to use with your mathematics students.

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