How to Disaggregate Data – Successline Micro-Credential

School leaders hold the important responsibility of determining any gaps in achievement among their students and how to effectively close those gaps. A vital step for accomplishing this is knowing how to disaggregate data from raw data. This skill-building microcredential provides everything you need to be successful at disaggregating, analyzing, and writing about data. You will learn how to effectively communicate your data findings to your colleagues and how to use your data appropriately to create performance targets in order to achieve equity in quality for your student populations.

In this course, you will:

  • Understand how disaggregated data can help determine learning for all,
  • Identify different sub-groups in your school and the correct ways to compare them,
  • Learn the 4-part method for calculating, analyzing, writing about, and using your data,
  • Create effective one-pagers using real data from your school,
  • Access the Comprehensive Needs Assessment Toolbook for more examples and deeper learning.

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