Enhancing Language Development in Childhood

There are many ideas and products that claim to be the best for developing a child’s speech and communication, but not all are necessary or effective. This user-friendly course for teachers and caregivers helps you discover how children process language and how they become proficient communicators. This course will help you enrich your child’s life by stimulating his or her continued speech, brain, and language development in an enjoyable, age-appropriate way. Learn how to follow your child’s lead and your natural instincts to enhance language development from infancy into early childhood.

In this course, you will:

  • Identify what it means to be a responsive teacher and caregiver to support a child’s innate curiosity,
  • Explore what naturally interests and stimulates children so that you can see the ways they learn best, and
  • Discover from the child development expert, parent, and preschool teacher who designed this course, the tools you will need to enhance childhood communication skills.

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Early Childhood
Lower Elementary

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