Educator Evaluation in MI: Preparing for Formative Review

Educator evaluations can be an important tool in facilitating reflection and applying feedback to your practice, and through collaboration, you can aid in maintaining an accurate picture of your own teaching methods. This proactive course empowers you to lead your own professional growth while working with effective teacher teams. You will come to understand the differences among educator evaluation models, reflect on your professional growth, and explore action steps for preparing for your formative review. This course is part of the Educator Evaluation in Michigan series.

In this course, you will:

  • Analyze differences between the Inspection Model and the Demonstration Model for educator evaluations,
  • Generate ideas of how elements of the Demonstration Model could be used in your local setting
  • Identify opportunities to support formative reflection,
  • Plan for how you will engage in formative reflection,
  • Explain how you have implemented formative reflection feedback from your evaluator in to your instruction.

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