DLN: Administrator Simulator – Title IX

Welcome to the MASSP Administrator Simulator, created by administrators for administrators, to provide real-life scenarios for school leaders to grow and learn from. During each simulation, the administrator is introduced to an employee or school situation in the form of a story problem. With each story problem, the administrator will be given a multiple-choice and prompted to choose one response to reflect how they would address the situation at each stage. After each choice, the story will continue to play out based on the administrator’s decision. When the story problem gets to the end, the administrator will reflect on the outcome and determine if it supports the action-steps essential for creating a healthy culture of accountability and high expectations.

To maximize the tool we have provided some ideas for different ways to use the tool and we have designed thought-provoking questions to consider before, during, and after the simulation exercise is complete. The series of questions will help you and your team reflect on current practices, identify areas of improvement, and help strengthen your ability to manage courageous conversations with all employees so that the environment maintains a balanced workload, is built on trust, demonstrates equity, and is transparent through accountability.

Administrators hold the responsibility to create a positive culture of accountability and high expectations throughout their schools, and especially while dealing with cases of serious or sensitive matters. In this course, you will practice making decisions in a real-life school scenario involving Title IX implications which will give you the opportunity to learn and grow as an administrator.

This course is offered in partnership with MASSP. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our privacy policy.

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