Differentiated Instruction: Maximizing Learning for All

Differentiated instruction aims to help address student differences and is shown to have a strong positive effect on learning outcomes across all groups, but many teachers do not fully understand the concept or are hesitant to implement it for a variety of reasons. In this pragmatic course, you will uncover many approaches to differentiated instruction and practical ways to introduce it into your classroom. You will study how environment and mindset influence the alignment of curriculum, assessment, and instruction as well as various strategies to differentiate all three.

In this course, you will:

  • Understand the importance of alignment between curriculum, assessment, and instruction,
  • Recognize the connection between Understanding by Design and differentiated instruction,
  • Define pre-assessment, formative assessment, and summative assessment,
  • Identify the ways that curriculum can be differentiated, i.e., content, process, and product, and
  • Identify the steps to getting started with differentiation.

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