Building Teams that Work

Teams are becoming a staple in today’s workplace. In this immersive course, you will learn the components of a successful team dynamic and the stages of its development. Through real-life scenarios and examples, you will master the skills needed to effectively manage projects, make decisions, and solve problems in a team setting both from the perspective of a group leader and as a member. You will also have a chance to learn the pitfalls of unhealthy group interaction and minimize any of its effects on your team.

In this course, you will:

  • Outline the characteristics, benefits, and problems inherent in workplace teams,
  • Explain how to find the right people for your team and empower them,
  • Identify the qualities of an effective leader and an effective group member,
  • Use clear communication to make decisions and solve problems, and
  • Predict common obstacles that can impede progress in building a strong team.

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