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Advanced Placement

At this level, students continue their preparation for the Advanced Placement (AP) Chinese Language and Culture Exam. Students continue to develop their integrated skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and will be guided to pay more attention to their usages in interactive daily life and formal settings. Meanwhile, students will deepen their knowledge of Chinese culture through Chinese history, Chinese literature and arts. Harvest Shouhuo is the primary textbook used in this course, along with other supplementary materials, such as AP practice test, Chinese stories, newspaper articles and video clips. The course engages the students in an exploration of both contemporary and historical Chinese, including topics as travelling, famous people and history, literature and arts. The course is delivered entirely online in Chinese. Students will acquire more sophisticated linguistic elements to increase their language abilities. Language skills are enhanced through interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational activities. Listening skills are developed during class discussions, listening exercise, watching video clips movies, etc. Reading skills are improved through various readings of essays and articles, newspaper articles, advertisements, biographies, plays, and poetry. Speaking skills are practiced through debates, pair and group discussions, acting from scripts and interview. Written strategies are introduced to guide students organizing the compositions; students practice the written skills through bi-weekly compositions. To help students get familiar with the test format, assignments designed in AP exam format and the previous AP exams are provided. Students are frequently assessed on character-handwriting skill, vocabulary usage, expressive abilities and listening and comprehension skill. In order to maintain the integrity of AP standards, all AP course midterm and final exams must be proctored.

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