Anti-Racism and Social Justice Teaching and Leadership

Having an anti-racist and social justice-oriented stance toward education puts students first and prioritizes equity among all learners from all backgrounds. In this course, you will become more aware of and hopefully comfortable with anti-racist and social-justice-oriented strategies through a series of scenarios that address real-world situations. You will receive personalized information and resources based on your experience and level of knowledge in these areas and learn from various experts in the field of anti-racist and inclusive education.

In this course, you will:

  • Recognize racism, privilege, and their manifestation in school and society,
  • Analyze theoretical frameworks (the whys and hows) for anti-racist teaching and social justice teaching and leadership,
  • Describe systemic oppression and strategies to move from recognizing it to acting to dismantle it,
  • Investigate ways for connecting with staff, families, and the community to engage with issues of justice and equity, and
  • Describe methods for community engagement within and beyond the school.

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