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Course Titles

  • Counseling in the College Selection Process – 45 College Counseling SCECHs
    This course will provide students with an introduction to the theory and skills needed to work with students and families in the college selection process. Main topics include: preparation for college, developmental theory and college selection, researching colleges, use of data in college advising. admission testing, application process, financial aid, working with students and families in the college selection process, and creating an effective college counseling office. Many students will find this class to be a departure from theory-based graduate classes. While the theory relevant to the college selection process will be discussed, the course is designed to be a hands-on, interactive class, where ideas are freely discussed, and counseling techniques are shared and honed, leading to each student’s greater awareness and preparedness in this crucial component of the counseling curriculum. This is a summer course; registration is mid-May through June.
  • Building a College List – 2 College Counseling SCECHs
    Students need to build a college list based on a comprehensive review of all the options available to them. This course will familiarize the counselor with a wide array of college search resources, allowing the counselor the opportunity to support the student’s college search with confidence.
  • Effective College Counseling Meetings with Juniors – 2 College Counseling SCECHs
    Juniors are interested and excited about the college exploration process, but what’s the best way to guide them? This class will teach you how to provide them with the information they need in a way that makes them eager to take the next steps in their search, all in an effective, efficient framework.
  • Writing Effective Counselor Letters for College – 2 College Counseling SCECHs
    Counselors play a vital role in communicating the qualities and life story of a student to colleges. In this course, counselors will learn what colleges want to know from counselors about students, and how to effectively communicate those ideas in a counselor letter, increasing counselor effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Effective Relationships with College Admissions Officers – 2 College Counseling SCECHs
    College admissions officers play a key role in a counselor’s understanding of their college. This course will teach you how to build effective relationships with an admissions representative, and how to make the most of that meaningful relationship.
  • College Counseling for 9-10 Graders – 2 College Counseling SCECHs
    Exploration of the full array of college options needs to begin well before the end of high school. This course will give counselors an understanding of the essentials of a strong college counseling curriculum, and how to introduce these ideas to 9th and 10th graders in developmentally-appropriate ways.
  • Understanding the Modern Military – Military Counseling SCECHs
    Students and families need guidance from school counselors on the full range of career and education opportunities available to them after leaving school. The military offers vast opportunities and pathways for students based on their interests and needs. This course will help counselors gain valuable knowledge about military career and education opportunities and help them to support students and families as they explore military careers.
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