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On April 2, 2016, the Highlander Institute and the Christensen Institute showcased the best blended learning implementers from across the nation in Providence, Rhode Island, at the Blended & Personalized Learning Conference.

The conference featured national district, building and classroom leaders answering questions in small, intimate fireside chats along with tactical and hands-on workshops showcasing the step-by-step practices that have led to successful implementation across the country.

Some of the featured experts included:
Richard Culatta, Chief Innovation Officer at the RI Office of Innovation
Beth Rabbitt, Partner at The Learning Accelerator
Alex Hernandez, Partner at the Charter School Growth Fund (CSGF)
Julia Freeland Fisher, Director, Education at Clayton Christensen Institute
Phyllis Lockett, CEO at LEAP Innovations

Some of the featured implementers included:
Rebekah Kim: Principal at Midway Elementary School | Des Moines, WA
Scott Frauenheim: Principal at CICS West Belden & CICS Bucktown | Chicago, IL
Cary Matsouka: Superintendent of Milpitas Unified School District | Milpitas, CA
Jessica Anderson: Teacher at Powell County High School | Deer Lodge, MT


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Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute

The Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute (MVLRI) is a non-biased organization that exists to expand Michigan’s ability to support new learning models, engage in active research to inform new policies in online and blended learning, and strengthen the state’s infrastructures for sharing best practices. MVLRI works with all online learning environments to develop the best practices for the industry as a whole.

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