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In this episode, Jeff and Erin chat about the concept of “power with vs. power over” — inspired by a recent book study of Jim Knight’s High-Impact Instruction — and host a great interview with the always amazing Val Capel.

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We had a great time thinking deeply about quite a few things in this episode. In case you’re curious, here are a few links to dive deeper:

  • The concept of “power with vs. power over.”  This concept comes to us from Jim Knight’s book High-Impact InstructionWe share a few of our own experiences and dive into how teachers might be able to utilize this concept to shift the culture in their classroom.
  • We also referenced restorative justice and this podcast from Cult of Pedagogy.
  • Next, we jumped into an interview with Val Capel, an amazing 3rd-grade teacher from Hamilton. She shared out some of the processes she uses with pre-service teachers. To take a peek at some of those resources, head to this link. Val also shared how they’ve been developing online courses in Kickstand and gave us some insight into her summer learning plans which focus on instructional coaching and looking into more resources from Jim Knight. (We love his latest book, The Impact Cycle.)
  • If you’d like to learn more about our summer conference, Day Camp, check out daycamp18.eventbrite.com! We’re excited to feature Michael Bonner as our keynote speaker (he’s been on Ellen) but also to carve out time for attendees to collaborate and share with other educators.
  • Lastly, Jeff mentioned how we’ve taken a few podcasts and turned them into professional learning opportunities for you. To learn more, head here!

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