LANSING, Mich. — Tonight Governor Gretchen Whitmer, State Superintendent Michael Rice, and Chief Medical Executive Dr. Joneigh Khaldun called for the closure of schools statewide to reduce the spread of Coronavirus in Michigan. In response, Michigan Virtual President and CEO Jamey Fitzpatrick issued the following statement:

“Michigan’s leaders made a difficult decision tonight — one that protects our communities, families, and youth — by calling for the temporary closure of schools across the state to protect the health and wellbeing of Michigan residents. During this unexpected closure, I implore educational leaders across Michigan to assess where they stand with their learning continuity plans and consider practical strategies that support continued learning. I also urge parents to double down on their children’s education and work collaboratively with schools and teachers to support the academic success of our youth. There are steps that can be taken today to leverage existing innovations with digital platforms, e-learning, and online tools that will make our state stronger and more prepared to prevent educational gaps in the future. In 2020, opportunities abound for ensuring quality education both inside and outside of the classroom. We applaud Gov. Whitmer for taking this proactive stance and look forward to working together towards making these opportunities accessible and equitable for all.”

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