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Whole Child and Continuous Improvement: Growing Educator Understanding

In partnership with Michigan ASCD, we have created an online professional development course that informs educators about best practices for implementing a whole school, whole child, whole community (WSCC) model at their school.
The course includes 4 modules:

  1. Whole Child Model (WSCC – Whole School, Whole Child, Whole Community) Overview
  2. WSCC Model – Components and Community
  3. Application of the WSCC Model
  4. Connecting WSCC to MI Continuous Improvement Plan (MICIP)
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The WSCC Model

The WSCC model combines and builds on elements of the traditional coordinated school health approach and the whole child framework. The focus is directed at the whole school, with the school, in turn, drawing its resources and influences from the whole community and serving to address the needs of the whole child. ASCD and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourage the use of this model as a framework for improving students’ learning and health in our nation’s schools.

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About Michigan ASCD

Michigan ASCD, along with ASCD is a global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading. Our innovative solutions promote the success of each child.

ASCD calls on educators, communities, and policymakers to work together to fulfill the new compact for the education of the whole child. Successful implementation of these policies results in successful learners who are knowledgeable, emotionally and physically healthy, civically active, artistically engaged, prepared for economic self-sufficiency, and ready for the world beyond formal schooling.

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