Data-Driven SEL — A New Grant Opportunity for Michigan Schools

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At a time when children’s mental health is paramount, schools now have an opportunity to utilize expanded online services and functionality building upon a free statewide social-emotional learning (SEL) program launched earlier this year. The new $100,000 grant is made possible by Evolution Labs in partnership with Michigan Virtual. While the lessons have been available for free since April, this new grant program is made possible through additional resources from Evolution Labs in partnership with Michigan Virtual to ensure greater functionality so school administrators can add local student rostering to assign, monitor, and track the use of these free lessons. Michigan schools are required to deliver social and emotional learning to students, a skillset that has become especially critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. This grant program is designed to help schools deploy a local social and emotional learning program remotely to their students by using an effective, quality, turnkey systems approach for students, teachers, and parents.

Apply: This grant has expired.

Date of Webinar

December 17, 2020 9:00 am

Presented By:

Peter Kraft
Evolution Labs
Angela Shields
Michigan Virtual
Tracy Howe
Evolution Labs
Crystal Ladwig
Evolution Labs
Anne Craft
Michigan Virtual


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