Online Dual Enrollment Authorization Form

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  • FERPA Release - allowing SC4 to share information (i.e. course enrollment, grades, etc.) with both your High School and Michigan Virtual:

    I authorize St. Clair County Community College to release information concerning my academic progress and grades to my high school and Michigan Virtual. If I wish for my parent/legal guardian to have access or ability to do college business on my behalf, I will contact the Registrar's Office at [email protected] to request an Authorization to Disclose Non-Directory Info form.

    Disability Services - Support services are available to students at SC4 upon request:

    For information regarding services provided by St. Clair County Community College, contact the Achievement Center at (810) 989-5759. Students must self-identify their need for assistance.

    Payment Authorization – Student responsibilities with regard to payments made on behalf of a student for dual enrollment tuition, eligible fees, textbooks, and required materials:

    • I understand that I am responsible for all tuition, books/supplies, and fees the school district does not pay; this includes the non-refundable student fee for dropped courses.
    • I accept responsibility for the selection of course(s) above, including prerequisites. I am responsible for all adjustments to my schedule by the appropriate deadline.
    • I understand that it is my responsibility to drop my course(s) should I decide to not participate as a High School Guest or Dual Enrolled student, or if I move away from the school district that originally agreed to pay my tuition.
    • I understand that dropping a course(s) with a ‘W’ may impact my eligibility for financial aid in future semesters. I accept responsibility for contacting the Financial Aid office at 810-989-5530 with questions concerning how a ‘W’ may affect any future award amounts.
    • I accept that it is my responsibility to confirm my status as enrolled, waitlisted, or ineligible for a class based on the information I provided above. I understand that I can access my class schedule through my SC4 Portal or by visiting the One-stop Student Service Center (first floor, SC4 Welcome Center, 323 Erie St. Port Huron, MI 48060 United States).
    • I understand that my high school may hold me responsible for reimbursement of tuition and fees should I fail a course(s) for which the school district paid.
    • I understand that the official policies and procedures of SC4 are published in the College Catalog at

    Demonstrating Eligibility for Dual Enrollment – Michigan school law requires that a school demonstrate that a student is eligible for dual enrollment by providing qualifying scores on a readiness assessment. Your school must upload your SAT score report to Michigan Virtual’s Student Learning Portal (SLP) or schedule you to take a proctored online Accuplacer exam session at your high school location:

    SC4 accepts the SAT as evidence of qualifying scores for dual enrollment eligibility. If a student has not yet taken the SAT, then SC4 will evaluate your high school transcript to determine a student’s college readiness and eligibility for dual enrollment. Request that your school upload your either your SAT report or high school transcript, or both, to Michigan Virtual’s Student Learning Portal (SLP) [Guide to how to upload a file to a student account in the SLP].

    Advising/Orientation – In lieu of attending a student advising and orientation session at SC4, online dual enrollments registered through Michigan Virtual are asked to review the guide to success in online college courses, a PDF attachment provided in the registration email received from Michigan Virtual.

    Sending college transcripts to SC4 – Optional; for students who have been awarded course credits from colleges or universities other than SC4 and wish to have a transcript evaluated for transfer credit to SC4 (i.e. to satisfy pre-requisites or degree requirements):

    Students wishing to transfer credit to St. Clair County Community College must have an official transcript sent from their previous college(s)/university. Credits for courses taken elsewhere will be evaluated for potential equivalent credit by the Registrar. Transfer credit can be used to meet course prerequisites and/or to meet program requirements.

    College transcripts may be mailed to the College at:
    St. Clair County Community College
    Attn: Registrar
    323 Erie Street P.O. Box 5015
    Port Huron MI 48061-5015

  • Graduation “opt-in” language – Students may grant permission to SC4 to perform an audit of a student’s record in order to determine whether a student is eligible to be awarded a degree upon successful completion of the course(s) in which the student is dually enrolled. Note: This eliminates the need for the student to apply for graduation independently from the dual enrollment registration process.
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