Here are a few of the ways the Michigan Virtual Student Learning Portal will make life easier for you:

Simple Enrollment

• It’s easy. Just select the student, the class section and start date, and voilà!
• Bulk enrollments are now possible
• You will receive on-screen confirmation that your enrollments were successful

Immediate Data

• Student progress will be updated daily
• This data will be more up-to-date with accurate pacing information based on the student's term
• Guardians will now have direct access to student progress data

Better Communications

• Both instructors and mentors will now be able to communicate directly with their students in the portal
• Certificates of completion are easy to access
• Course start and end dates are clearly visible
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Getting Started

To get started using the new enrollment system, check out the “Quick Start Guide” that pertains to your role below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still feeling lost? Explore our answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Student Learning Portal:

Explore Our FAQs


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How-To Guides

We also have a wide array of how-to guides to help you navigate particular aspects of the new system. Click below to explore all of the how-to guides for the Michigan Virtual Student Learning Portal:

Explore Our Knowledge Base
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Old Course Certificates & Enrollment Data

Our old system, CEMS, is no longer open to the public. If you need to obtain old course certificates or enrollment data, please submit a ticket to our Customer Care Team. They will help you get access to the information you need!

Submit a Ticket to Customer Care

Need Help?

If you still need help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team.
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