Future Proud Michigan Educator Explore

Empowering students grades 6–12 to embark on a meaningful teaching career

As a continuation of Michigan’s efforts to grow and diversify the educator workforce, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) launched the Future Proud Michigan Educators (Future PME) initiative. The Future PME initiative invites schools to expand access to future teacher programming through EXPLORE courses.

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Future PME EXPLORE through Michigan Virtual includes one semester-long student course that can be implemented in either an individual or school-level format. Additionally, Michigan Virtual offers professional learning courses for educators who would like to facilitate the course or learn more about EXPLORE.

For future educators: Future PME EXPLORE student course

The Future Explore PME course is designed to raise student awareness of educational strategies, systems, and professions.  Students will examine educational issues and analyze teaching and learning practices.  Students can explore this course offering here:

For current educators: Future PME EXPLORE professional learning courses

Future Proud Michigan Educator: EXPLORE Course Planning: Designed for course instructors to plan how to facilitate their EXPLORE course, unit by unit.

Teachers who are seeking resources for their own version of a Future PME EXPLORE course can find lessons and learning through the Future PME Collection on #GoOpen Michigan.

Learn more about the Future Proud Michigan Educator EXPLORE Programs on Michigan.Gov

Future educators will:

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