Using Google Forms to innovate your assessment practices

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Google Forms is not a new tool. It’s been around for quite some time; however, a number of recent updates have made this tool one you will want to use in your classroom. In this article, we will walk you through some innovative ways to use Google Form for student surveys, quizzes, and assessments.

Why use Google Forms in the classroom?

Well, first off, it is free and is part of the Google Suite of Applications.

Not only can you utilize Google Forms as a teacher, but your students can as well. Your students can engage with data collection and view that data in multiple formats. 

Secondly, it is fairly easy to use, and all of your form responses can be found by simply clicking ”Responses,” allowing you to see data visually or in spreadsheet form. 

Have a formative quiz you want to administer and have it automatically graded with feedback?  

Google Forms can do that.  

Want to give the students a quick survey and get the results instantly?  

Forms can do that, too. 

Finally, Google forms is easy to share with others. All you have to do is simply share a link.

How should I use Google Forms?

To create a Google Form, visit your Google Drive and under the “More” section you will see “Form.” 

What you may not know is that if you hover your cursor over that “Form” area, you have the option to create a new form or pick from already created templates such as exit slips, assessments, and course evaluations. 

As previously mentioned, while Google Forms can be used to gather information, such as feedback from others, it can also be used as a self-grading quiz. 

Users have the option to choose what type of questions they would like to ask and can even send students to a different section of the form based on their answers. 

A fairly new addition to Google Forms also allows you to pull in questions from previously created forms. 

This means if you have created other Google Forms you can pull questions from those items. 

Another tip:

If you are using Google Forms to give a formative assessment, there is an option to use “Locked Mode” on Chromebooks

This way, respondents won’t be allowed to open tabs or other applications while taking this quiz. 

Note: this only works if you are using a district-managed Chromebook.

Want to know more about how you can use Google Forms? Check out the Google Help Center for more information. 

Using Google Forms in your classroom?  We would love to hear how you are utilizing this tool!

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Stacey Schuh

Stacey is the director of Professional Learning Services at Michigan Virtual. She is responsible for planning and implementing professional learning experiences and works directly with teachers and administrators to ensure personalized professional development. Stacey is a former classroom teacher and national presenter.

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