Using Autocrat to showcase student work

teacher giving a student a high five
As a teacher, it's great to showcase student work, but it can be time-consuming to compile and share these accolades with parents. In this article, we walk through how teachers can use the Google add-on Autocrat to showcase student work in an efficient way.
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Most teachers have sent home communication showcasing their students’ work in the classroom. 

For example, these communications might highlight a student showing leadership, compassion for others, hard work, or creativity.  

As a parent, I have found these notes buried at the bottom of my son or daughter’s backpack weeks later.  

Sometimes these time-consuming accolades get missed in the everyday chaos that is life.

This got me thinking about a Google add-on that I used years ago and had forgotten about:


This add-on allows you to create a form where submissions can populate a Google Doc.

For example, a teacher could fill out a form by selecting a list of characteristics a student has exhibited and automatically generate a letter through Autocrat.

This letter could be easily emailed or copied and pasted into a Remind message sent out to families. 

Not only can teachers use this for communication in their classrooms, but they could also use it to create missing library book lists or lesson plans by identifying different fields in Autocrat.

Autocrat can be a bit tricky, but we’ve included a video below explaining how it can be set up: 

Already using Autocrat? We would love to hear how you are using this tool.

Stacey Schuh

Stacey Schuh

Stacey is the director of Professional Learning Services at Michigan Virtual. She is responsible for planning and implementing professional learning experiences and works directly with teachers and administrators to ensure personalized professional development. Stacey is a former classroom teacher, national presenter and is an instructor for the Master of Educational Technology program at Michigan State University.

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