In this episode, we chat with our colleague Emily Sicilia about engagement in the classroom. We explore how to define that engagement and chat about Hoopla, an app Emily shares that has changed our reading lives!


We kick off this cast in our usual way by chatting about summer camps! After that, we conversed about a few more things:

  • Emily shared the Hoopla app with us. It’s an app that’s connected to your local library and allows you to download a certain number of ebooks, audiobooks, music, and movies per month. Unlike other apps like this, it’s free and you don’t have to wait in line!
  • On the heels of the Teaching Learning Coaching Conference, Emily was excited to share some of her biggest takeaways, including how she connected with educational consultant, Steve Barkley, who shared the idea of Student Production Behaviors in terms of engagement and talked about this TED talk from Reggie Rivers about behaviors versus goals.
  • Jeff mentioned the Triple E Framework and how it pertained to the talk of engagement for students in the sense of false engagement through a learning activity as opposed to the content of the learning. Erin also referred to Schlechty’s Levels of Engagement and discussed how students might move between the different levels.
  • We took a collective deep dive into working with teachers on engagement and the approaches that Erin and Emily find work best with educators and the “true north” of honoring and empowering educators and the knowledge they bring to the table.
  • We also gave a big thank you to Mike Dewey for responding to our last #campfireQ and encourage you to share more with us about this episode’s #campfireQ which is: what are your thoughts on engagement? How do you engage your learners? Call in to our Google Voice Number and share your thoughts – (616) 929-0085.
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