Anchor in Sand

A podcast about… podcasts! Jeff and Erin discuss a cool tool (anchor.fm) for recording podcasts and how teachers might think about using podcasts in the classroom.

Anchor in Sand

The notes:

We chat about the weather — and the crazy amount of snow that’s falling in northern Michigan!

Jeff shares about anchor.fm, a great app and website to simply create podcasts and send them out to listeners.

In the #campfireQ segment we work on answering the question: how can podcasts be used in the classroom? We came up with some ideas that range from parental connection to student reflection. We also mentioned this great articlethat explores how a teacher encouraged his students to read by listening to a podcast and following along with the transcripts, and this video about how Radiolab plans and produces their podcast. Last, we promised you a link to this document where we’ve started to list podcasts that could relate to subject areas (if you have more ideas than what we’ve listed we’d love to hear them!)

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