Michigan Virtual is the parent organization of the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute™ (MVLRI™), a non-biased organization that exists to expand Michigan’s ability to support new learning models, engage in active research to inform new policies in online and blended learning, and strengthen the state’s infrastructures for sharing best practices. MVLRI works with all online learning environments to develop the best practices for the industry as a whole.


At The Core

MVLRI’s core strategies are:

  • Research — Expand the K-12 online and blended learning knowledge base through high-quality, high-impact research
  • Policy — Inform local, state and national public education policy strategies that reinforce and support online and blended learning opportunities for the K-12 community
  • Innovation — Experiment with new technologies and online learning models to foster expanded learning opportunities for K-12 students
  • Networks — Develop human and web-based applications and infrastructures for sharing information and implementing K-12 online and blended learning best practices
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