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This course, the first in a two-course sequence, is designed for students who are new to the Chinese language. In this course, students will work on Chinese pronunciation (Pinyin) system, basic communication competency through conversations about topics such as personal characteristics and appearance, family and friends’ information, travel planning, ordering foods in restaurants, discussing class schedules, and identifying directions. With the help of our multimedia e-textbook, students will complete daily learning tasks independently while attend mandatory weekly synchronous lab sessions to elaborate on and clarify their independent learning experience. The course instructor will send out emails to mentors, parents, and students with information about the course and lab session registration procedures. Instructors will work with students to finalize their lab session times within the first two weeks of each semester. Students may take placement tests provided by the Confucius Institute to use as a reference for guiding enrollment. If a student scores above 75% accuracy at a course placement level, then we recommend enrolling the student in the next available level (e.g., if student earned over 75% at level 1B, then s/he could enroll in 2A). Students are able to switch to a different level in the first two weeks of each semester based on instructors’ recommendations.

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