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Do I need additional course materials?


Most course materials are included in the course cost, however for some courses, English Language Arts in particular, novels or other materials may be required. This process describes how to locate any additional course costs. 


  1. First, search the catalog for the Essentials course.
  2. Next, click the View Course button in the course title bar for the desired course.
    An enlarged image of the Algebra 1a Essentials course item is displayed in the catalog showing the name, subject, grade level and part of the description. An arrow points to the view course button next to the course name.
  3. Then select the Course Syllabus button within the course details page.
    The course details page is shown displaying the NCAA approval status, delivery format as well as additional descriptive details about the course. There are three buttons on the page, get started at the top of the page, course syllabus and read more at the bottom of the page. An arrow points to the course syllabus button.
  4. As a result, a new window will open showing course details. 
  5. Finally, check the materials listed in the “Additional Costs” section.
    The course syllabus is displayed for the course which highlight objectives, course outline and more. An arrow points to the Additional costs section.

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