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Supporting Student Success Through Predictive Analytics

Learning analytics provides a mechanism to support educational decision-making and provide in-time interventions. This presentation focuses on recent research by Dr. Kerry Rice and Dr. Andy Hung (both from Boise State University) on early warning prediction as it relates to online learners at the K-12 level.

Teachers and Mentors: Students Talk about Online Learner Supports

When Wednesday, September 26 @ 4:00 p.m. EST Summary During a series of focus groups, 51 students from three Michigan high schools shared their perceptions and feedback about instructional and facilitation support for online learners. Two reports —  the last in a series of four — are being published about

Developing a Survey Instrument for Evaluating K-12 Blended Teacher Readiness

When Friday, September 21 @ 3:30 p.m. EST Summary Blended teaching — which combines online and in-person instruction — is becoming more commonplace in K-12 schools.  In this webinar, we share the results of a two-year long project to develop an instrument for evaluating K-12 blended teacher readiness. We also

Design Learning for Visually Impaired Students with NVDA

Jeff reviews Non-Visual Desktop Access (NVDA), an open source screen reader for Windows. Screen readers help those with vision impairments to access digital content. Teachers can use screen readers to check that web content for lessons is accessible to students with visual impairments. Resources Download NVDA Get NVDA Addons In-depth

Online Learning and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

The Accessible Classroom is a video series exploring web accessibility for K-12 education. We’ll dive into concepts and tools that can help schools ensure access to digital learning spaces for all students. In this first video, Jeff takes takes a look at the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Web

Examining Student Learning Pathways Through an Online Algebra Course

This session highlighted findings from a study investigating student pacing and engagement in online Algebra I courses, including the difficulties posed and opportunities provided by online course flexibility. Presenters Dr. Peiyi Lin, Columbia University Dr. Susan Lowes, Columbia University

Presence as Support in a Blended Learning Classroom

This session shared findings from a narrative inquiry that explored various aspects of presence in a blended middle school classroom, helping to inform the preparation and support of blended teachers in K-12 settings. Presenters Mark Stevens, George Mason University Mary Rice, University of Kansas

Opportunities With Quality Matters and Michigan Virtual

This session focused on the opportunities afforded by participating in professional learning workshops from Quality Matters, a nationally recognized organization ensuring quality in online courses. Presenters Christine Voelker, Quality Matters Maggie Bacon, Quality Matters

Professional Learning for Blended Education in Michigan

This webinar session highlights findings of a study on teachers implementing blended learning in Michigan and building their own professional learning networks to improve their practice. Presenter Verena Roberts, University of Calgary

Establishing Presence and Community in the Online Classroom

This session touches on four dimensions of a successful virtual community: the online persona and virtual classroom, the synchronous session, giving meaningful feedback and the encouragement of student engagement. Presenter Brianne Jackson, Virginia Commonwealth University

The Use of Games in Online and Blended Courses

Our research fellow Dennis Beck will present an overview of the research on the use of games in K-12 online and blended courses and provide recommendations for practitioners and future research. Presenter Dennis Beck, University of Arkansas

Teachers Using Designerly Thinking in K-12 Online Courses

This session shares findings from a case study examining the design process of eleven high school teachers as they designed their first online courses, focusing on the resources shown to be valuable to them: variety in technological tools and pedagogical strategies, belonging to a community of practice, and time. Presenters

The Journal Review Process

In this interactive panel session, one provocateur and three discussants with a wide range of experiences with academic journals share insights on how the journal article review process unfolds. Presenters Ray Rose, Rose & Smith Associates; Texas Distance Learning Association Leanna Archambault, Arizona State University Jered Borup, George Mason University

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