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Campfire Podcast: Engagement Hoopla

By Author Profile Photo Michigan Virtual

In this episode, Jeff and Erin chat with Emily Sicilia about engagement in the classroom. They explore how to define classroom engagement, and chat about Hoopla, an app Emily shares that has changed their reading lives!

3 men climbing a mountain. All three are helping eachother climb.

Campfire Podcast: Power With, Not Power Over

By Author Profile Photo Michigan Virtual

In this episode, Jeff and Erin chat about the concept of “power with vs. power over” — inspired by a recent book study of Jim Knight’s High-Impact Instruction — and host a great interview with the always amazing Val Capel.

Godfrey-Lee Public Schools Rebel U Shield

Campfire Podcast: Live Episode @ Rebel U

By Author Profile Photo Michigan Virtual

In this episode, Jeff shares some audio from a recent teacher professional development session on podcasts, then Jeff and Erin chat about using classroom experience to shape professional learning.

Anchor in Sand

Campfire Podcast: Anchors Away!

By Author Profile Photo Michigan Virtual

In this episode a podcast about … podcasts! Jeff and Erin discuss a cool tool for recording podcasts and how teachers might think about using podcasts in the classroom.

Child staring out a window in a classroom

Innovation in Education

By Author Profile Photo Andrea McKay

Students have access to more information in their pockets than ever before, yet they are often told to leave their phones in their lockers.

LEGO Stormtrooprs

The Force Awakens Your Classroom

By Author Profile Photo David Young

The blended learning team challenged their colleague, David Young (Instructional Design Manager at Michigan Virtual), to channel his excitement for the release of the new Star Wars film into a guest blog post about blended learning. He did not… Read more

Toy figure of Batgirl

The All Too Often Neglected Teacher Superpower

By Author Profile Photo Kelli Hixon

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” —William A. Ward Throughout my childhood, I had teachers I connected with in a way I will never forget, while others have faded… Read more

Playing Cards

Teachers Trump Tools

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

We need to stop giving tools the credit for engaging our students and put the focus back on teachers.

Mrs. Wever speaking to her class

This Is Fourth Grade: A Blended Odyssey

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

Mary Wever personalizes learning to meet the diverse needs of her students.

Using a computer in the dark

Confessions of an EdTech Guerrilla

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

Innovator or antagonist? You decide.

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