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Minecraft: Education Edition

All they want to do is play video games. All you want them to do is learn. . . But what if you could both get what you want?

This summer, keep your student learning with our Minecraft Online Summer Camp. It’s a win-win scenario for parents with children who are hooked on video games.

During this 4-week online summer camp, students will receive weekly educational challenges and coaching from our Minecraft experts in the colorful and constructible world of Minecraft: Education Edition — the educational version of the award-winning video game sensation!

For $49.95, your child will receive 4 weeks of Minecraft challenges, coaching sessions, and access to Minecraft: Education Edition until Labor Day.

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Camp Calendar

Access to Minecraft: Education Edition begins Upon purchase
Camp begins June 17, 2019
Last day to enroll July 29, 2019
Access to challenges & Minecraft: Education Edition ends September 2, 2019
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There's still time to enroll!

Even though the first four weeks of camp are over, your student can still download Minecraft: Education access and complete all of the weekly challenges in the order they were designed.

Our club coaches have uploaded video recordings from camp, including instructions, tips, and livestreams as resources for students regardless of the date they begin their challenges.

In addition, our coaches will continue to host weekly check-ins for students until August 22. Your child will retain access to challenges and Minecraft: Education Edition until September 2.

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Why Minecraft: Education Edition?

If they’re going to play video games all summer, they might as well be learning something, too!

While many students are familiar with the original version of Minecraft, the educational version offers a variety of features not available in the traditional game.

For example, the Code Builder is a feature unique to Minecraft: Education Edition that teaches students the basics of coding while they’re building structures in the game. In addition, students have the opportunity to download and engage with hundreds of educational challenges created by teachers across the globe.

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Weekly Challenges

Our weekly challenges encourage students to take a deep dive into the many worlds of Minecraft and use their brains to explore topics, solve problems, and answer questions. Examples of some of these weekly challenges include:

  • Investigate a Minecraft shipwreck
  • Learn the basics of coding
  • Build a farm while solving math problems
  • And more!

Students will be broken into two groups in Google Classroom — grades 3-5 and grades 6-8. For each challenge, a “Level Up!” option will be also be provided for advanced students. Upon registration, students will be granted access to Minecraft: Edition Edition, which they can freely explore before and after camp ends until Labor Day (September 2, 2019).

Meet our club coaches!

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Meet the club coaches for the Minecraft Online Summer Camp: Stacey & Emily! During camp, these two Minecraft experts and former classroom teachers will:

  • Provide videos to help students learn the ins-and-outs of navigating Minecraft: Education Edition, as well as helpful tips for completing each challenge
  • Host a weekly livestream where students can tune in to ask questions, connect with other campers, and see examples of student work
  • Facilitate online discussions in Google Classroom where students can pose questions to and connect with their coaches and other campers throughout the week


Example: VIP Biography Challenge

If you’re curious what this online summer camp will be like, here’s an example! In one of our weekly challenges, we ask students to:

  • Select someone important or inspiring to you
  • Build three items from the person’s life to represent this individual using the Minecraft creation tools
  • Share who you chose, what you built, and why via signs within the world.
  • Level Up Option: Create docents (non-playing characters) to lead a participant through your world, sharing important information about the person you chose and what you built.

To complete this challenge, students will be provided with a booklist for inspiration, online resources on creating biographies, and interview questions that prompt them to get to know a special person in their life a little bit better.

Why we love this challenge: It is a relationship-building activity that asks students to reflect carefully on someone their care about, engage their literacy skills, and get creative by bringing precious objects to life in Minecraft!

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Important Information

Before registering for this online summer camp, here are some things you should know:

  • Access ends on Labor Day — Upon registration, students will be granted access to Minecraft: Education Edition until Labor Day (September 2, 2019), at which point they will lose access to this program.
  • Compatible with computer devices & iPad — Minecraft: Education Edition can only be downloaded on computer devices with the exception of Google Chromebooks. For PC devices, Windows 10 is the recommended operating system. This program is NOT available for video game consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch.
  • Limited to one device — Once a student begins their challenges on the Minecraft: Education Edition platform, we recommend they complete the rest of their work for camp on the same device, as their work will be saved to that device. If your child will be traveling or visiting relatives this summer, you might consider using a portable device (e.g. a laptop or iPad) for your student to complete their work.
  • No refunds will be available after students begin their program —  No refunds are available on Minecraft Online Summer Camp once it has started. A refund can be requested prior to the camp’s start date by contacting our Customer Care Team.
  • Not eligible for academic credit — While our Minecraft Online Summer Camp challenges students to keep their minds active over the summer, it is not eligible for academic credit.

Reminder: Access ends September 2

Even though the first four weeks of camp are over, your child can still participate by downloading Minecraft: Education Edition and going through the challenges in the order they were released. Our coaches have uploaded all video recordings and materials you need to get started and will be holding weekly check-ins until August 22. Access to challenges and Minecraft: Education Edition ends on September 2.

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Our Minecraft Online Summer Camp experience was a summer-specific offering and is no longer open for registration. Stay tuned, as this may be something we offer again in the future!

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