Michigan Virtual’s courses are self-paced, offer flexibility, and are taught by Michigan-certified teachers who guide students through each course.

Michigan Virtual’s online learning courses feature streaming audio and video, computer animations, email, chat rooms, digital portfolios and more.

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No matter your skill level in math, we’ve got a course for you.


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With a multitude of topics to choose from, our team of qualified instructors will help you develop the skills you need for college and beyond.

English Language Arts


Michigan Virtual offers diverse online courses that put modern technology and scientific trends into perspective. The basis of success is our virtual labs, where students take an interactive approach toward learning.


Explore your world

Want to learn about the world or look closely at how the brain functions? We have it all. Our courses range from AP U.S. History to Civics and Psychology.

Social Studies

Hola, Soy Michigan Virtual

Our world language courses offer students the tools to become bilingual and explore the culture and history of the nations where each language is spoken.

World Languages

Michigan Virtual Plus Courses

Michigan Virtual Plus courses for high school students are offered during the regular school year (semester and trimester) and in the summer. Advanced Placement courses are offered during the school year as semester-length courses.

Essentials courses

Michigan Virtual Essentials courses are part of a high-quality, online, credit recovery and alternative learning solution. Essentials courses meet Michigan high school standards and content expectations and increase the likelihood that students will successfully meet the requirements to graduate high school.

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Advanced Placement courses

Our AP courses are taught by highly-qualified certified teachers with subject-matter expertise. These college-level courses include tutorials, multimedia simulations and online discussions.

High School courses

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