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Help your child further develop their math skills this summer with EdReady Math. This nationally-recognized software is designed to help 4th- through 12th-grade students master a range of mathematical concepts. Students are provided with diagnostic testing and a personalized playlist of lessons curated to help them reach their target goals. Because this program is self-paced, students can skip through concepts they have already mastered and focus on the skills required for the next step in their mathematical journey. For only $40, students receive access to a full grade level of content.

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$40 per student for each grade level of content

This program will help your child by:

  • Assessing their math skills
  • Mapping their strengths and weaknesses
  • Offering them personalized instruction
  • Preparing them for grade-level expectations, as well as for their college and career aspirations

Skills-Based Learning

The content available on EdReady covers nearly 400 developmental math skills. Each lesson is supported by a variety of learning resources.

Personalized Instruction

Study materials are personalized to each student’s needs — something that isn’t always an option in large, face-to-face classrooms.

Real Results

Case studies from high schools that have implemented EdReady report that most students jump an average of 30 points (out of 100) from their initial assessment to the end of usage.

Looking for Credit Recovery?

If your student needs to recover math credits for graduation, consider signing them up for our Essentials courses, which include EdReady Math at no additional cost. These online courses can be taken in the summer and are designed to create a highly-supportive learning environment for students who need extra help in order to succeed.


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