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The gold standard for STEM certification

Founded in 2001, is the longest, continually operating STEM educational research organization in America. Their industry-leading STEM certification carefully studies curriculum standards and the latest trends in STEM education. Participants learn how the expectations of program functionality are changing and what techniques can ensure ongoing success. STEM plans are crafted to build momentum towards personal and organization-wide unifying STEM goals.

For educators

  • Earn a digitally-encrypted employment credential
  • Access over 1,000 pages of customizable K-12 STEM lessons
  • Expand the STEM competency level of your students
  • Connect with a global alumni base of STEM educators
  • Share your accomplishment on social media

For administrators

  • Gain insights on the latest trends in STEM education
  • Build a strong, dedicated team using growth plans
  • Enhance organizational knowledge and STEM skill sets
  • Improve STEM communication through common language
  • Increase efficiency and reduce STEM program costs

Helps you improve STEM lessons in:

  • K-12 Classrooms
  • Home schools
  • Libraries
  • Summer Camps
  • Maker Spaces
  • After School Programs
“Our school has completely changed for the better since we trained with Auburn Hills Christian School serves children from age 3 to grade 12, so it can be difficult to find trainings that cater to all of the grade levels represented by our staff. not only took into account the grade level taught by each educator, but also gave us ways to work together toward a common goal. Additionally, the support we have received after becoming certified has been invaluable.”
— Kristin (Naughton) Griffith, STEAM Program Coordinator, Auburn Hills Christian School

A credential you can trust

Basic photo editing software or copier skills allows anyone to duplicate a paper certificate. automatically submits each credential instantly into the blockchain which creates a permanent record that is impossible to change or alter. This system cryptographically seals a record of all achievements, resulting in the ability for third parties to verify with absolute certainty that a record has not been falsely created once issued. This industry-pioneering, methodology of protection eliminates fraud and technologically ensures the credibility of trustmarks.

“This STEM certification Course is the first of its kind to bring certified and non-certified teachers endless possibilities within STEM education, making professionals more marketable. There are easy-to-follow chapters that allow educators to understand what goes into STEM curricula. The content of this course will make anyone more prepared to understand and lead in STEM in any environment. I have saved a lot of time lesson planning and even used the modules to earn extra money, by running a drone camp.”
— Dana Hedke, Educator, Dearborn Public School District

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