Professional Learning for Shared Time Teachers

Build Your Own PD Plan

In partnership with Berkley Schools, we are offering professional development opportunities to select Michigan-certified shared time teachers. This excellent training opportunity provides these teachers with SCECHs and the ability to expand their knowledge base on critical topics in education at no cost to themselves.  

If you are a shared time teacher with Berkley interested in building your own PD plan, please follow the steps below and use the form at the bottom of the page to indicate which options you are choosing and when you would like to begin your courses.

Addressing Poverty in the Classroom
Personalized PD
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  • Please select one course from Step One
  • Please select the date you would like your Step One course to begin. This course will be facilitated, which means there will be an instructor guiding your learning journey. You will have SIX WEEKS to complete this course once it begins.
  • Please select as many of the following courses as you would like from the list below.
  • Please write out a preferred start date for each of the free courses you've selected above. When choosing this start date, please consider that you will have SIX WEEKS to complete your instructor-led, 24-SCECH course from Step One and 60 DAYS to complete your self-paced courses from Step Two. We recommend giving yourself ample time in between each course to better manage your workload.
  • If you have any questions or comments for our professional learning team, please leave them here!

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