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Build Your Own PD Plan

In partnership with Berkley School District, we are offering professional development opportunities to Berkley teachers. This excellent training opportunity provides these teachers with SCECHs and the ability to expand their knowledge base on critical topics in education at no cost to themselves.

If you are a teacher in Berkley School District and would like to build your own PD plan, please follow the steps below and use the form at the bottom of the page to indicate which options you are choosing and when you would like to begin your courses.


Choose ONE of the following 24-SCECH courses. These courses are facilitated, which means there will be an instructor guiding your learning journey.  You will have SIX WEEKS to complete this course and will be asked to select a start date for this course in Step Three.


Choose ONE of the following free courses. These courses are self-paced, meaning there is no instructor and you can set your own pace for learning. You will have 90 DAYS to complete these courses and will be asked to select start dates in Step Three.

Choosing Your Start Dates

You will be asked to ONE start date below for the first two courses you select. When choosing this start date, please consider that you will have  SIX WEEKS to complete your instructor-led, 24-SCECH course from Step One and 90 DAYS  to complete your self-paced courses from Step Two.

If you would like to add any additional free courses from Step Two, you will be prompted to choose additional start dates. This is designed to help you better manage your workload, as you will have 90 days to complete each of these courses.


Fill out the form below. Based on the information you provide, one of our professional learning specialists will enroll you in your courses and send you a confirmation email with more details.

Ready to Sign Up?

Please fill out the form below to indicate your interest in being enrolled in the professional learning package of your choice.

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